The Engaged CTC Approach to Training

Whether growing leaders within your organization or taking ownership of your own development, Engaged CTC offers training aimed at improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities of participants.

Engaged CTC training courses provide clearly defined learning outcomes intended to cultivate a transformation in how participants approach their work day.  From rethinking the department meeting to revitalizing talent management, Engaged CTC uses solid research, theory, and best practice as the basis for each course developed.

Each course is designed and facilitated to keep participants involved and engaged with content.  Customized content is available for development to align with an organization’s mission, vision, values or needed learning outcomes.

Training Transfer

A Harvard Business Review article highlighted that many leadership development training initiatives implemented by organizations were simply not a good return on investment.

Why?  Because the process is reversed.  Systems need to be in place to support leader growth and development before implementing a training initiative.  Organizations need leaders that can recognize and correct dysfunctional systems.

Engaged CTC works with both organizations and leaders to identify obstacles to sustained talent development.  Contact Engaged CTC today for information on identifying obstacles to talent development, organizational design, or customized training needs.