Dr. Anson helps organizations:

  • Engage employees
  • Understand and capitalize upon their unique culture
  • Implement and sustain change initiative
  • Identify and document knowledge within the organization.

Ultimately, the goal is to produce artifacts and documentation that contribute to improved operational effectiveness and culture of the organization.

Colleges & Universities

Dr. Anson applies her expertise to help colleges and universities engage online and remote faculty.  She works with academic leaders to document HR or faculty credentialing processes.

In addition, she assists academic leaders in capturing institutional knowledge and faculty activity. Her work results in artifacts and documentation that both contribute to the culture of the institution and helps to prepare the institution for accreditation visits.

Research/Study & Areas of Focus

E-leadership and remote worker engagement, knowledge management, organizational change, and motivation are key research and study areas for Dr. Anson. By integrating research with practice, Dr. Anson supports her clients in these areas:

Organizational Change

  • Assess and prepare for change
  • Implement and sustain change
  • Evaluate change

Organizational Culture

  • Recognize established culture
  • Articulate and define culture
  • Reshape, embrace, and celebrate culture

Knowledge Management

  • Identifying knowledge brokers
  • Linking and labeling
  • Technology

Faculty Credentialing

  • Systemic transcript review process
  • Military and international transcripts
  • Aligning disciplines and teaching

Remote/Virtual Leadership

  • Intentional use of technology
  • Coaching
  • Cultivating community