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Connect to Communicate

COVID19 is a very serious health risk that has forced all of us to begin practicing personal hygiene with increased diligence and to be well aware of the 6 ft bubble around us to ensure we are adhering social distancing guidelines. It has changed the way we live, learn, and work. It’s important to follow […]

The Privilege of Coaching

I was struck a new this week with what an awesome privilege it is to be a coach.  Whenever a client shares his or her professional journey and the current challenges or situations facing him or her, it’s both exciting and humbling.  Exciting in the sense that while I am often awed by all that […]

Organizational Theory and Practice

Understanding organizational theory may help leaders respond to business challenges more proactively and effectively. Theory informs research and research, ideally, informs business practices. Theory and Practice focuses on different organizational theories and how those theories may help leaders striving to empower and engage employees. Job Demands – Resource Theory The job demands – resource (JD-R) […]

Knowledge Management – Improved Performance and a Competitive Advantage

Knowledge Management is a business process which attempts to capture, create, and use organizational knowledge. Leveraging knowledge improves performance and creates a competitive advantage.  It also helps to alleviate management by myth. Employees (knowledge workers) know how things are done within the organization because it is communicated in a systematic and seamless way. No guessing […]


Training Gen Z Workers

Understanding generational differences can increase the impact of organizational training efforts. In the workforce today, we have four generations working side by side. The youngest workers are Gen Z and represent new challenges for managers, trainers, and HR leaders. Generations are basically cohorts of people identified as being born in certain date ranges and sharing […]