Optimize Talent & Improve Outcomes

Talent is THE Competitive Advantage. I work with organizations to articulate their mission and vision, finetune their business strategy, and optimize their talent strategy to improve organizational results.


Psychological safety, engagement, and successful diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives occur when the talent within the organization is aligned around the mission and business strategy. Every action has an equal, and sometimes stronger, reaction.


Research-informed sessions and workshops delivered virtually or onsite. Expertise in Leadership & Strategy, Organizational Interventions, Development of Self & Others. In addition, Predictive Index training workshops are designed to leverage the PI methodology and incorporate the Predictive Index into the culture of the organization.


Team and individual coaching focused on leadership development, career transitions, executive presence, emotional regulations, resilience, and millennial leaders.

Engaging with you through Consulting, Training, and Coaching…Engaged CTC!

Human Resources

Talent acquisition, job analysis, engagement initiatives, succession planning and change management all affect your most important resource, your employees.  Talent Optimization strategies impact all areas and affect the ongoing success of the organization. Using quantitative data and analytics so you can comprehend job requirements, identify the best candidates, understand team dynamics and lead employees in a way that maximizes potential in your people. 

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management begins with the intellectual capital and institutional knowledge retained by people.  Helping people articulate that information and document it in a useful manner are key to empowering effectiveness within the organization.


Leading remote or virtual workers requires different skill sets and abilities.  Where charismatic or transformational leadership works in a face-to-face work environment, these personal attributes do not always convey to the virtual environment.


Knowing that you have the right people in the right positions is something for which most organizations strive.  In higher education, this is not just critical to student success, it is also a consideration for many accrediting bodies.


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